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High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab. @ POSTECH investigates various research topics related on high-performance computing in computer security.

Research Topics

• Mobile System Security
• IoT Security
• Usable Security
• Privacy Enhancing Technology
• Hardware Security
• Web and Online Social Network Security

Recent Publications

  1. CAPTCHAs Are Still in Danger: An Efficient Scheme to Bypass Adversarial CAPTCHAs
    Dongbin Na, Namgyu Park, Sangwoo Ji and Jong Kim.
    Proc. 21th World Conference on Information Security Applications (WISA), Jeju Island, Korea, August 26-28, 2020.  (IITP support)
  2. A Comparative Assessment of Wi-Fi and Acoustic Signal-based HCI Methods on the Practicality
    Hayoung Jeong, Taeho Kang, Jiwon Choi, and Jong Kim
    Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces (JUMI),  Vol. 14(1), pp.123-137, 2020. (SCIE)
  3. WearAuth: Wristwear-assisted User Authentication for Smartphones using Wavelet-based Multi-resolution Analysis 
    Taeho Kang, Sangwoo Ji, Hayoung Jeong, Bin Zhu, and Jong Kim
    IEICE Trans. Information and Systems, vol. E102-D(10), October 2019. (SCIE)
  4. Low-Noise LLC Side-channel Attack with Perf 
    Youngjoo Ko, Sangwoo Ji and Jong Kim
    Proc. 20th World Conference on Information Security Applications (WISA), Jeju Island, Korea, August 21-24, 2019.
  5. PinpointRowhammer: Suppressing Unwanted Bit Flips on Rowhammer Attacks 
    Sangwoo Ji, Youngjoo Ko, Saeyoung Oh, Jong Kim
    Proc. The 14th ACM ASIA Conference on Computer and Communications Security (AsiaCCS), July 7-12, 2019. (58/258=22.5%) (NRF support)

Latest News

  • We received the National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단 중견연구) grant.
    Project title: Improving Security and Usability of Trusted Execution Environments
    Period: 2017.3. ~ 2020.2.
  • The Ninth Workshop among Asian Information Security Labs (WAIS)
    @ Saga University, Saga, Japan, January 21-22, 2017
  • We received the Samsung FTF (삼성전자 미래기술육성센터) grant.
    Project title: Context-aware Unified IoT Platform for Security and Privacy
    Period: 2014.10. ~ 2017.9.
    You can find detail information at this web page.

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