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  • 2015
    1. A paper is accepted to CSF 2015. Jul, 2015
    2. We have homecoming day in Pohang. Jun, 2015
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      • We have homecoming day in Pohang. Alumni, professors, students hold a seminar and have a great dinner!
    3. A paper is accepted to ISCA 2015. Jun, 2015


      • The International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) is the top-tier computer architecture conference whose topics include processor, memory, and storage systems architecture, parallel  and multi-core systems, data-center scale computing, power and energy efficient architectures, architecture modeling and simulation methodology and more.
    4. Welcome! Dongup Kwon and Gyuhyeon Lee join the lab. Mar, 2015
    5. Congratulation! Hyungsub Kim and Tran Duy Thinh graduate with a master’s degree. Feb, 2015
    6. A paper is accepted to NDSS 2015. Feb, 2015


      • The Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) is the top-tier security conference  whose topics include distributed systems and networks, web security and privacy, intrusion detection and attack analysis, anonymity and cryptographic systems, security protocols and policies, languages and systems security, malware, spam and more.
    7. The lab participates in WAIS 2015. Jan, 2015