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김정범 (Jeong Beom Kim)

(92D) -Advisor: Prof. Sung Je Hong
패리티 함수 회로 및 내장형 전류센서 설계
강원대학교 교수

권오형 (Oh-Hyeong Kwon)

(92D) -Advisor: Prof. Sung Je Hong
확장된 코커널 큐브 행렬을 이용한 부울 분해석 산출
한서대학교 교수

이희조 (Heejo Lee)

(95D/93M) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Scheduling and Processor Allocation of Matrix Computations on Parallel Systems
고려대학교 교수

이완연 (Wan Yeon Lee)

(96D/94M) -Advisor: Prof. Sung Je Hong
Dynamic Load Balancing for Switch-Based Networks
동덕여자대학교 교수

남효창 (Hyochang Nam)

(98D/95M) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Secure Recoverable Systems with Probabilistic Checkpointing

박정훈 (Jung Hoon Park)

(97D/95M) -Advisor: Prof. Sung Je Hong
Multicast protocols with membership control
LG 전자

김경훈 (Kyong Hoon Kim)

(00D/98M) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Flexible Scheduling in Reliable Real-Time Systems
경상대학교 교수

권오훈 (O-Hoon Kwon)

(00D/95M) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Reputable and Efficient File Sharing Methods in Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks

박희재 (Heejae Park)

(01D/99M) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
User-centric Modifiable Content Management Systems

박재근 (Jae Keun Park)

(02D/00M) -Advisor: Prof. Sung Je Hong
A Bandwidth Reservation Scheme Using a Dynamic Two-tier Cell Structure in Cellular Networks

김유나 (Yuna Kim)

(04D/01M) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
A dependable and adaptable execution framework for workflow-driven composite services

김진석 (Jin Seok Kim)

(08D/98M) -Advisor: Prof. Sung Je Hong
Prevention of Location-related Attacks in Wireless Networks

이상호 (Sangho Lee)

(08D/06M) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Detection and Prevention of Web Security Attacks Exploiting URL Redirection
Microsoft Research

송종혁 (Jonghyuk Song)

(08I) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Exploration and Prevention of Privacy Leaks via Public Information in Social Networks

강태호 (Taeho Kang)

(09I) -Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Research Area: Mobile Device Security

김지훈 (Jihun Kim)

(10I) - Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim & Jangwoo Kim
Research Area: Solid-State Drive (SSD), Cloud Computing

김영석 (Youngsok Kim)

(12I) - Advisor: Prof. Jangwoo Kim
Architectural Support for Heterogeneous System Programming
연세대학교 교수

이재원 (Jaewon Lee)

(12I) - Advisor: Prof. Jangwoo Kim

장한휘 (Hanhwi Jang)

(12I) - Advisor: Prof. Jangwoo Kim
Research Area: Performance Modeling
아주대학교 교수

조범진 (Beumjin Cho)

(13I) - Advisor: Prof. Jong Kim
Research Area: Mobile System Security
삼성 SDS

Mohammadamin Ajdari

(13I) - Advisor: Prof. Jangwoo Kim
Research Area: Performance Modeling

채동주 (Dongju Chae)

(12I) - Advisor: Prof. Jangwoo Kim
Research Area: Cloud Computing
삼성 리서치

조재언 (Jae-Eon Jo)

(13I) - Advisor: Prof. Jangwoo Kim
Research Area: Heterogeneous Architecture
삼성 종합기술원

안재형 (Jaehyung Ahn)

(13I) - Advisor: Prof. Jangwoo Kim
Research Area: System Design for Emerging Device Technologies
삼성 종합기술원


(홍성제) 임규건 (한양대 교수) : A New Test Pattern Generation Algorithm using the 15 Value Logic and Priority Tables
(홍성제) 주홍택 (계명대 교수) : 15-V Algorithm for Test Generation


(홍성제) 이승호 : A Development of bit-serial silicon compiler
(홍성제) 김도형 (삼성전자) : A Test Generation Algorithm for Sequential Circuits Based on the 15-V Logic


(김종) 김도형 : An Independent checkpointing scheme using checkpoint index in distributed systems
(김종) 이희조 (고려대 교수) : Process allocation for load distribution in fault-tolerant multicomputers
(홍성제) 최현진 : Single-rail multi-level logic synthesis using map-factoring method


(홍성제) 이완연 (동덕여대 교수) : A Hierarchical Dynamic Load Balancing Scheme for Massively Parallel Systems
(김종) 김영미 : A Group-Based Fault-Tolerant Routing in 2-Dimensional Mesh Network
(홍성제) 안갑대 (유엔젤) : A Fault-Tolerant Scheduling using Passive Replicas in Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems
(홍성제) 장태환 : Test Pattern Generation for Synchronous Sequential Circuits Based on Fault Extraction
(김종) 채상호 (SK텔레콤) : Design and Analysis of the Dual Torus Network


(김종) 권오훈 (삼성전자) : Real-Time Scheduling in a Hypercube System
(홍성제) 김진성 (삼성전자) : Leakage Fault Detection Technique for a Static RAM
(김종) 남효창 (시큐아이닷컴) : Lazy Block Copy Algorithm – New Process Migration Algorithm
(홍성제) 박정훈 (LG전자) : Hierarchical Interconnection Networks for Multicomputer Systems
(홍성제) 박동욱 (삼성전자) : A New Load Structure of A Differential CMOS Logic for High Performance VLSI Circuits
(김종) 류효종 (콘텔라) : A Multiple Banyan Network with a Misroute Correction Stage
(홍성제) 이숙향 (한솔) : Fault-Tolerant Multicasting with Low Traffic in a 2D-Mesh Wormhole Routed Network


(김종) 김병재 (KT) : A Real-Time Communication Method for Wormhole Switching Networks
(홍성제) 김상우 (삼성전자) : A New Asynchronous Pipeline Scheme based on LDCVSL
(김종) 김호태 (삼성전자) : Three Randomized Incremental Algorithms for Point Location
(홍성제) 박재홍 : Impact of network load on remote memory paging system
(김종) 이영현 : A new tree rearrangement algorithm-for minimizing the multicast tree
(홍성제) 장태익 (XCE) : Generalized Cylinder Modeling withRational B-spline Motion


(김종) 김성훈 : A Selective Caching Strategy to Reduce Call Delivery Cost in PCS Networks
(김종) 김재영 : Deadlock-Free Routing and Reconfiguration Algorithms for Interconnection Networks with Irregular Topologies


(김종) 김경훈 (경상대 교수) : Analysis of minimal checkpoint coordination on 2-processor system
(홍성제) 김진석 (ADD) : Functional testing for content addressable memories
(홍성제) 신용우 (LG전자) : QoS routing via multiple paths in mobile Ad-hoc networks
(홍성제) 오진원 : Feasibility test of periodic real-time messages in a priority-based wormhole switching network
(김종) 임형태 : Real Time Host and Network Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System


(김종) 김상완 (KISTI) : Path Selection and Resource Reservation for QoS Guaranteeing Dispersity Routing
(홍성제) 정다니엘 (코난테크놀로지) : Determination of Task Execution Times for Soft Real-Time Systems
(김종) 박희재 (삼성전자) : Weighted Cooperative Web Caching Protocol


(홍성제) 박재근 (삼성전자) : QoS Routing Using Bandwidth Overbooking
(홍성제) 옥해명 (에코 프론티어) : Comparison of Dynamic Load Balancing Techniques on Dispatcher-based Cluster of Web Servers
(홍성제) 김태완 (LG전자) : Extended Intrusion Intention Goal Tree for A Distributed Intrusion Detection Framework
(김종) 김진영 (TTA) : Analysis of Dynamic Web Data in Proxy Servers
(홍성제) 서정욱 : Testable Architecture for Dynamic Random Access Memory using Tree Structure


(김종) 박만진 (포스데이터) : Model for the Association of Human Resource Management with RBAC using Role Factors
(김종) 이규언 (포스코) : Alert Reducing Architecture for Network-based Intrusion Detection System
(홍성제) 박성홍 (LG전자) : Repairable Architecture for Large Capacity Memory Using CAM and Flash
(홍성제) 이길재 (KISTI) : Multiple Gateway Mobile IP Hierarchy Supporting Load Sharing and Fault-Tolerance
(김종) 김유나 (삼성전자) : Web Prefetching Using Display-Based Prediction and Entrance Page Caching


(김종) 김승현 (ETRI) : Workflow-based Authorization Service
(홍성제) 김원호 (NSRI) : Detection for Buffer Overflow Software Security Vulnerability using Function Call Sequence Graph Analysis
(김종) 민병길 (NSRI) : Visualization of intrusion detection with alert correlation
(홍성제) 이동철 (KT) : Task Mapping with Consideration of Local Tasks in Grid Environment
(김종) 이지은 (KT) : Multicast in ?DiffServ using Encapsulation and Unicast Routing
(김종) 장문수 (NSRI) : Design and Implementation of Intrusion Tolerant System using Heterogeneous Systems
(김종) 주성진 (LG CNS) : Intrusion Tolerance Policy Model
(홍성제) 한준호 (관세청) : Tree-based Group Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Protocol under Heterogeneous Computing Environment
(홍성제) 손유승 (IGI 연구소) : A One-Time Password System using Pseudorandom Mapping Function


(김종) 김동진 (육군) : A Policy-Based Adaptive Automated Intrusion Response System
(홍성제) 김주엽 (ETRI) : Parallely Testable Design for Detection of Neighborhood Pattern Senstive Faults in High Density ?DRAMs
(홍성제) 김병준 (삼성전자) : Ticket-Based Fine-Grained Authorization Service in the Dynamic Virtual Organization Environment
(홍성제) 김하원 (NSRI) : Adaptive Location Management Scheme using Registration Cost for Mobile IP
(김종) 김태형 (NSRI) : An Internet Worm Detection Algorithm for an Enterprise Network Using Analysis of Worm Characteristics
(김종) 박성진 (NSRI) : Enabling Range Queries in Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems
(홍성제) 박준영 (삼성전자) : Low Energy Computing Based on Latched Energy Recovery Logic


(홍성제) 강현철 (삼성전자) : Detectng the Delay Faults of I/O Block using the Low-Seed Tester
(김종) 김덕진 (NSRI) : Annulling Data-injection Attacks with Return Address Randomization
(홍성제) 노봉수 (ADD) : The Exclusion of Malicious Routing Peers in Structured P2P Systems
(홍성제) 박준영 (삼성전자) : Adaptive Resource Reservation Scheme Based on User Mobility and Class Priority in Mobile Multimedia Networks
(홍성제) 신일식 (KT) : Env-RBAC: Dynamic Access Control for Ubiquitous Environment
(김종) 이소영 (삼성전자) : Mitigating the Impact of Liars by Reflecting Peer’s Credibility on P2P File Reputation Systems
(김종) 이승민 (KISTI) : An Enhanced Buffer Separation Scheme to Protect Security Sensitive Data against Buffer Overflow Attacks
(김종) 이영수 (LG전자) : Abnormal Connection Based Host-Level Bot Detection System
(홍성제) 정승현 (하이닉스) : A Quaternary Full Adder Using Multiple Thresholds
(김종) 최헌석 (LG전자) : Preventing Phishing Attacks by Predicting User’s Intention


(김종) 최영식 (육군) : Whitelist Based Defense Scheme against SYN Flooding Attack
(김종) 이승익 (삼성전자) : Token-Based DRM System for Privacy Protection and Contents Sharing
(김종) 김경태 (삼성전자) : Profile-based Models and Selective Use for Web Application Attack Detection
(홍성제) 정수진 (삼성전자) : A 2-Phase Protocol for Protecting Consumer Privacy in Composite Web Services
(홍성제) 이기훈 (삼성전자) : Polymorphic Worm Detection Based on Instruction Distribution and Semantic Analysis
(김종) 임철순 (안랩) : Service Selection Method for Composite Web Service Providers
(김종) 류중희 (안랩) : Excluding Fake Blocks from Multi-Source Downloadable ?P2P System
(홍성제) 윤태훈 (KAIST 박사과정) : Design of 5 Gb/s 2^7-1 PRBS Generator with Pre-emphasis Scheme


(김종) 최수용 (한국도로공사) : Collaborative Tagging System for Knowledge Sharing and Retrieval in the Enterprise
(김종) 박용남 (포스데이타) : Discriminative Anonymity for Privacy Protection and Service Differentiation
(홍성제) 최홍준 (Purdue 박사과정) : Secure and Efficient Offline RFID Authentication for Anti-counterfeiting
(김종) 이상호 (Microsoft Research) : Redistributing Time-based Rights for Content Sharing in DRM
(김종) 이종석 (삼성전자) : Energy-efficient Run-time Detection of Malware-infected Executables and Dynamic Libraries on Mobile Devices


(김종) 정기영 : An Energy-Efficient Clustering Scheme in MANETs for Cluster-Based Intrusion Detection Systems
(김종) 박희진 (LG전자) : A Rights-Preserving DRM Interoperablity Scheme
(김종) 임정욱 (LG전자) : Mitigating Distributed RREQ Flooding with Aggregation for Reactive Ad hoc Routing Protocols


(김종) 박영민 : Distributed Certificate Authority Scheme with Weighted Secret Sharing for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
(김종) 송제영 (국방부) : Forensic Procedure to Identify Indirect Principal Exploiting Innocent Agents in Cyber Crime
(김종) 전유석 (UNIST 교수) : LT-OLSR: Attack-Tolerant OLSR Against Link Spoofing
(김종) 김성진 (NSRI) : Tolerating IGMP flooding attacks in IPTV access networks using Two-Level Authentication
(홍성제) 이혜림 (ADD) : A Self-detection Scheme of Packet Misrouting Nodes for AODV over MANET


(김종) 고탁균 (LG전자) : An Isolation Approach for Secure and Flexible Binary Authentication
(홍성제) 이승광 (ETRI) : Lightweight and Ultralightweight RFID Authentication Protocols for Low-cost Tags
(김종) 이병영 (서울대 교수) : Protecting Location Privacy Using Location Semantics


(김종) 권나경 (KISA) : A Privilege Escalation Attack Detection Framework for Android using IPC Tracking
(김종) 송재혁 (SK Planet): Detection of Heap-Spray in ?JavaScript using a String Trace Graph


(김종) 이하영 (NSRI) : Assessing Push Notification Service as Command and Control Channel of Mobile Botnet
(김종) Nguyen Huu Hiep (INRIA 박사과정): Linear Counting Queries under Differential Privacy: A Comparative Study
(김종) 서영웅 (DTAQ) : HTTP Request and DB Quary Mapping For Multitier Web Application


(홍성제) Tran Duy Thinh (캐나다 박사 과정) : An Anti-counterfeiting System Using RFID Tags


(김종) 김형섭 (Purdue 박사과정) : Privacy Threats in HTML5 Geolocation API: Case Studies and Countermeasures
(김종) Ngo Xuan Hoa
(김종) Nguyen Phuong Binh


(김종) 김윤지 (LG 전자)
(김종) Xinyu Liu
(김장우) 김준성 (Postdoctoral Researcher , SNU)
(김장우) 이광무 (SNU-PhD Student) : Architecture-aware Automatic Computation Offload for Native Application


(김장우) 권동업 (SNU-PhD Student) : A Fast Device-Centric Server Architecture
(김장우) 이규현 (SNU-PhD Student) : A Method to Verify the CPU Timing Simulation Using Microbenchmark
(김장우) 박평수 (SNU-PhD Student) : Analysis on Deduplication Characteristics in Primary Storage using SSD
(김종) 이상학 (ADD 부설 방위산업기술센터) : FACT: Functionality-centric Access Control System for IoT Programming Frameworks


(김장우) 이다열 (UC Berkeley-PhD Student)
(김종) 정하영 (포스코) : A Comparative Assessment on the Practicality of the Signal-based Human Motion Recognition Methods
(김종) 최지원 (한국은행) : Detecting and Identifying Faulty IoT Devices in Smart Home with Context Extraction


(김종) 오세영 (TmaxOS) : Reliable Rowhammer Attack and Mitigation Based on Reverse Engineering Memory Address Mapping Algorithms


(김종) 나동빈 (VUNO) : Unrestricted Adversarial Attack Using GAN with Limited Queries in a Black-Box Setting